Saturday, February 7, 2009


For some reason, I always have a hard time thinking of things to share when it comes to the newsletter, but as I get going, I manage to think of a few things!! We enjoyed the holiday season, spending time with family and friends. There is always a million things going on during the holidays that keep us busy. Chris had a birthday in December, which he hates because it is on the 27th. Two days after Christmas! But he still managed to enjoy it. We had a party with some friends which is always a good time. The newest thing in our lives is that Chris started school again the beginning of January. He has decided to change careers completely and go get a nursing degree and after a year or two of work experiece become a nurse anesthetist. He is much happier at the prospects of doing something different and something he has always be interested in and enjoyed learning about. It just took him about 12 years to figure that out!!:) I am excited for him and excited that it is something that I can help him with and be a big support for him. Even though it will be a long road, it will be a great adventure!! Other than that, work is the same and we are greatful for the jobs we have!Love Chris and Mindy

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